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Demo of the song CLOSER

Recorded April 24, 2015

from Brett Kristofferon's new musical CLOSER THAN YOU THINK.




Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Look at it This Way

Music and Lyrics by Leo Hurley

Performed December 18, 2014 

The Lizzie Borden Rag

Music by Brett Kristofferson; Lyrics by Brent Peterson

Performed December 18, 2014


Things That Haunt Me

Music and Lyrics by Brett Kristofferson


About the MAC Awards:

The other performer who got consistent raves, including mine, was Angela Shultz, winner of the Hanson Award.  Some had only seen her do serious songs and were delighted that she nailed the hilarious song “My Moment” (“The American Idol Song”), taking the stage with this number that spoofs the mannerisms and excesses and modulations so often seen on the TV talent contest."
Rob Lester, NiteLife Exchange

"Hanson Award winner Angela Shultz wowed with Hector Coris’ over-the-top "My American Idol Moment"-once again reminding all,side-splittingly, that good singing is not about dramatic riffs and key changes."
Kevin Scott Hall, Edge New York

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